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sexuality in advertising campaign

When gender plays an important role in advertising

Advertising is one the most important row in financial budget of any company, specially when they are working in B2C markets. Each company have its own regulations and goals in advertising. ...
short funny story

Funny Short stories (1)

A curious child asked his mother: “Mommy, why are some of your hairs turning grey?” The mother tried to use this occasion to teach her child: “It is because of you, dear. Every ...
Toy Story 4

Story of Toy Story 4 is about love

Woody is lastly about to get his own loving funny in Toy Story 4. We already realized that “Toy Story 4” would be a really love story, but now we know who it will be about. ...
Santorini beautiful tourist place

Visit Santorini in Greece before you die

Santorini in Greece is one the best 101 places for tourists ! I suggest it to you ! You can mark it as a place to visit before you die. In 1956 a major earth quake near Amorgos isle ...
Alien Car

9 weird Cars you never seen before

Most of us have very regular vehicles – maybe an old VW, or a new elegant Mercedes. But you will discover a lot of those around. VW can mean, that you have some economical issues, ...

13 interesting psychology idea

I have never regretted selecting to invest my profession as a psycho therapist. There’s the very apparent proven truth that mindset underlies all of actions and thus, in my view, ...
George Timothy Clooney

Pictures of George Clooney marriage

George Timothy Clooney Married ! Have a look at pics of this marriage from this famous man !
Javier Bardem

pictures of Javier Bardem+HD

Javier Bardem is a Spanish Actor ! Most people known him for his act in “No Country For Old Men“. Javier is husband of Penelope Cruz. Here are pics of him+a very high quality ...

Egg…a perfect option for all hair types

All hair types can use this homemade method for a better and healthier hair ! EGG !
big bang theory

Wall Paper of Big Bang Theory

You know this interesting TV Series Big Bang Theory, I’m sure ! and for sure you are here to download this beautiful Wallpaper of Big Bang Theory ! Continue Reading ! (Wall Paper ...
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