Batman: Arkham Knight 2015 game review by Jd Domovoi

Hey guys, I’m back with another game review. Last week I posted the review for Batman: Arkham Asylum. As I explained, it didn’t take me 7 years to finish it. It’s just that I didn’t get the time to play it until last week. Today’s review is about Batman: Arkham Knight. Unlike the Arkham Asylum, I played this one on my PS4 and let me tell you, I felt more comfortable with PS4 controller than the XBOX 360.


Batman: Arkham Knight

Now this Batman story gives you a very complex and engaging story that is like no other. I dare to say, it is better than most of the Batman comic book stories. While Batman is still trying to adjust to the events that happened in Arkham City, the creepy crawly villain Scarecrow decides to take control of the Gotham city. He releases his fear toxin on the city and the population that still haven’t escaped. In the narrative Scarecrow is the main villain of the story. But there are actually a number of classic villains included in the game. Some of them are familiar faces, some of them are new talents recruited. But, the most important part of the story is the introduction of a new villain called the Arkham Knight. His skill set and determination makes him the greatest threat to Batman.

arkham knight

It’s safe to say I can jump into spoilers since everybody already knows who the Arkham Knight really is. He’s none other than Jason Todd. Yup, the second Robin presumed to be killed by the Joker. As sad as the story of his apparent death may be, he comes back all guns blazing as the badass Red Hood that we all love. Throughout the game it shows Batman’s relationships with his arch enemies and his famous sidekicks. I can honestly say the story is actually the best part of Batman: Arkham Knight. In fact the it was the strong and interesting story that made me push myself day and night to finish the game. Also let’s not forget, the freedom you have in this game is so much more than the previous games. It’s not Skyrim: Elder scrolls, but still, you’re pretty free to do whatever you want.

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The are three islands in the Batman: Arkham Knight that have stunning visuals. The amount of tiny details put into the game makes you want to just stop and stare at the buildings and the interior designs. Character visuals is also equally strong. But the centerpiece of the game is the design of Batman that catches the eye. The exceptional design from the body movement during battles to the battle damage his armor takes throughout the story.


There’s nothing like the speed in Batman’s combat charging between bad guys. The last second countering and the devastating blows he delivers are superb. In Arkham Knight, there has been a few more gadgets  added so you can mess around with. Nothing too complicated from what you’ve seen before, but they feel more tactical and all-together just awesome . The Batman: Arkham Knight fights are extremely satisfying, as it’s dead on accurate and it shows the agility and the strength of this famous hero.


Now let’s talk about the Batmobile. Even though batman can fly or zip-line his way through the city much quicker than any transport provided, the Batmobile is a must. Considering its’ amazing speed and smooth handling, this automobile is a lot more fun than any other cars in the other games. Specially since you can use the “battle mode” and instantly get a futuristic tank with precision movements and amazing fire power. Although I mentioned flying from point A to point B is a lot quicker than driving there, the Batmobile is an essential part of the game. As the game progresses you’ll see you need the Batmobile not just for combats against drones and armored vehicles. You will also need it to solve puzzles and unlock missions.

nightwing & robin


Batman: Arkham Knight is full of quests and missions that each one has a complete story. It also includes team-ups with Robin, Nightwing, and Catwoman. These team-ups are actually quiet helpful in sticky situations where Batman is just not enough for the job. The most demanding and nerve wrecking quest in the Arkham Knight is the 243 Riddler Trophies that you must collect in order to capture the Riddler.

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