Best memes of April 2022

Best memes of April 2022

Here in Pumpkeen we care about our readers. Our goal isn’t just to update you guys with the latest news and interesting stories. But to also make you smile. What better way to smile than reading our selection of the top memes of every month? Here is the best memes of April 2022.

First Meme of the month

So, this guy here is the famous researcher on history channel and he is a guest of honor like on every show that is being broadcast. He is famous for mocking the alien life and talking about them as well.

In this picture you can see a graffiti drawn on the trash saying “Earth, Boring” Which it refers to existence of aliens and the studies made by this dude.

Best Memes of April 2022 - famous researcher on history
famous researcher on history

Second Meme of the April 2022

Here you can see the actual slice of life which is referring to how parents will stop you achieving you dreams and goals by any chance that they have.

When it says freedom, you can see that it is within the reach but all of a sudden, there comes the Parents monster and hold you from getting it.

Best Memes of April 2022 - actual slice of life

Third Meme of the April 2022

So here we have Mr. Incredible with dark and happy face. This meme is representing two sides of a matter.

As you know Disney is not just all cartoons and fairy tale but they have their origins and different versions published by so many establishments and here it is referring to German dark humor which is about  gore and brutal treatments to latterly everything.

Best Memes of April 2022 - Mr. Incredible with dark and happy face

Fourth Meme of the April 2022

Our good old master Yoda is here and as we all know the way he speaks is a kind of bit weird and actually that is its characteristics stats. He change the positions of each word in a sentence.

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As an example he should be saying “ I am Yoda” but instead he would say : Yoda, I am” and here in the picture you will get the secret message of the Jedi master which is referring to gold era of making memes.

Best Memes of April 2022 - Yoda

Final Meme of the April 2022

His mustaches are pointing out one of the Meme cultures which is referring to the usage of the word “Meme” instead of the “Mean”. So here, the true written sentence is “I don’t think that means what you think it means” but we have the replaced words as mentioned Meme.

Best Memes of April 2022 - Mustaches !


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