send mixed signals
send mixed signals

How to send mixed signals to a guy

This is not all women and girl problem, but i can assure you that many girls and women are thinking about this mysterious question “how to send mixed signals to a guy” ! Purpose of sending mixed signals to a guy can be really different ! some girls are sending these mixed signals to their guy by mistake ! and some are sending mixed signals intentionally ! Now let me tell you exactly how you can send mixed signals to a guy.

Ultimate Answer to “how to send mixed signals to a guy”

We think that it’s better to avoid from sending mix signals to a guy, if you want to start love and relation with him, then this article is going in a negative way to help you avoiding ruining a chance to find a good boy for love !

If there’s one true stereotype about men, it’s that they don’t do subtlety. Dropping hints or sending mixed signals can kill your chances with a guy.

How to send mixed signals to a guy
How to send mixed signals to a guy

1. Play hard to get.

This is based on the theory that men are hunters and women are our prey. That, like a predator, we will chase anything that runs.

I suppose it’s up to you to decide if you want to attract someone who thinks that way, but otherwise, you’ll get much further by not thinking of us in the same light as the cheetah at the local zoo.

2. Invite him out with friends.

Is he just one of your friends, or something more? Inviting him out with your friends says you don’t want one-on-one time, or you think of him as just a friend (cue Biz Markie).

3- Getting jealous when he brings up other girls

The only reason you choose to say to him that you had a thing for another guy is that you think that he is always talking about other girls. You even go as for as to asking him, “Are you sleeping with her?” What’s worst is that you are not even dating yet. Don’t you think it’s about time you took a step back?

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He’s got issues or he may be friend zoning you. Nevertheless, that still doesn’t mean you have to get jealous about other girls when you are not even going out.

Trying to make him jealous by talking about other guys too is not going to make things better, but only confuse him with mixed signals.

Now let me continue answering “How to send mixed signals to a guy”

Sending him mixed signals can make him feel like he is being friend zoned

Not making up you mind fast about whether you want to start giving the guy you like hints that you should get together is one way to end up sending him mixed signals. So now may be the time to start asking yourself, Do I really want to send this guy on the right course to date me? If you do, then I advise you to clean up the signals you are sending him. That way there is less confusion for him, leaving him with more time to think about fun things to do together.

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