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5 Foods you should never eat for breakfast

5 Foods you should never eat for breakfast

The breakfast is certainly the most important meal that you can have during a day. Although eating almost anything is better than skipping it, but finding an ideal food to have in the beginning of the day is as important as eating breakfast. For instance sweet and fatty foods are not recommended for breakfast. Here are Foods you should never eat for breakfast.

Fat free yoghurt

5 Foods you should never eat for breakfast

Having a cup of non-fat yoghurt can make you feel hungry in the early morning. According to your physical specifications such as weight, height, age and sex you should have at least 250-500 calorie intake in the morning. So it is recommended to add some oatmeal to make it a more complete meal.

A glass of green juice

5 Foods you should never eat for breakfast

Although most of the vegetables contain a wide range of vitamins and minerals but these kinds of juices are full of sugar and seriously lacking of fiber and proteins as well. By other means a glass of juice by itself, is a pretty poor meal for breakfast.


5 Foods you should never eat for breakfast

These lovely snacks are full of sugar, carbs and deep-fried fat. In fact a doughnut doesn’t have any nutritional benefits.
Sausage and bacon
Processed meats are definitely the worst types of meat. According to many researches, the risk of getting heart disease increases by consuming more and more amount of meat per day. Also it contains significant amount of sodium which increases blood pressure and increases the risk of stroke (brain attack).


5 Foods you should never eat for breakfast

Although cereal is a pretty quick and easy meal but it is full of added sugar and it doesn’t have any minerals and vitamins. As a result there’s a high chance your stomach will start rumbling again mid-morning, making those mediocre doughnuts in the break room look more appealing than ever.
If you really love cereal and you can’t give it up, now you should add some fiber (at least 5 grams) and less than 10 grams sugar per serving.

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Pre-mixed oatmeal

5 Foods you should never eat for breakfast

Those store-bought packets sure make mornings easy. (Just add water and microwave!) But they’re basically boxed cereal in disguise: Pre-mixed and flavored oatmeals are usually loaded with sugar. What’s more, they’re usually made with instant oats, which are highly processed and lower in fiber than rolled or steel cut oats. If there’s no time for a bowl of regular oatmeal, make a batch of homemade instant oatmeal packets instead. They’re just as quick, but they’re higher in fiber. Plus, you get to control the sugar content.

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