Exercise alone doesn’t cause weight loss

Exercise alone doesn’t cause weight loss

Although exercise alone doesn’t cause weight loss but it will help you keep it off. Everybody know that activity is necessary for health but exercise alone doesn’t burn enough calories in order to lose weight.

We all know about benefits of having regular exercise. According to the studies, exercise have not been shown to lead to lose weight but it helps you to keep in shape by preventing put on extra weight.

According to researches, it has found that most of people tend to eat less food than usual while they are having regular exercise.

Why exercise alone doesn’t cause weight loss?

Exercise alone doesn’t cause weight loss

You may find it strange if you hear that exercise alone is pretty useless for weight loss. This article says that many studies have found that exercise isn’t as useful to help you lose weight as you hear so regularly in television advertisements.

If exercising alone could cause weight loss, most of people would be in shape and there wasn’t so much obese people as you see in statistics. As you get more exercise your body burns more calorie but beware that you would be more hungry. That’s why you can’t lose weight as much as you expect. Metabolism of a humans body is much complicated as you have thought before.

But exercise does play a key role: It helps keep weight off once you’ve lost it. For one thing, it’s hard to cut food calories over the long term. Exercise, on the other hand, burns added calories. It also improves metabolism, such as how the body manages blood sugar and appetite.

In addition to keeping you trim, exercise is good for the heart, the liver and other essential organs, studies show. It even helps the brain by alleviating depression and anxiety, and by warding off cognitive decline later in life.

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