Making money in weird scientific ways in the modern world

Money makes the world go round

Making money these years have become an issue for the youth. This is a short sum of ways you can make money and be of service to the society.


1. Registering in psychological experiments

There are some psychological experiments that examine the behavior of brain function. Most of these experiments are like a contract and you will get paid by the end of it. It may not pay as high sum of money as other trials, but they usually have lower risks and require shorter commitment time.  Most research universities offer easy sign up by keeping an online database of experiments available for people.

2. Selling your blood’s Plasma

Plasma is the clear liquid that contains most of the water in your blood. But it is also filled with enzymes, proteins and antibodies. It is in fact the largest component making up the human blood. Plasma is mostly used to create therapies that treat people with autoimmune diseases, burn victims and clotting disorders. When blood is being drawn an automated machine separates the human plasma from the other blood components.  The rest of the blood is then returned to the donor. You can receive a payout between $20-$50 per donation.

3. Donating your reproductive cells, eggs and sperm

Egg donation agencies allow women who are not able to produce healthy eggs to become pregnant using another woman’s fertile eggs. In the United States egg donors can receive anywhere from $5000-$10,000 per donation. Men can donate their sperm as well to sperm donor banks. Which to be honest, it is a much easier process and also a bit less lucrative than an egg donation. Men are paid anywhere from $30-$200 per donation. However that can add up to more in the pocket because men can donate hundreds of sperm samples.

4. Sleeping in bed for 70 consecutive days

This procedure is used by NASA to simulate some of the changes that may occur in an astronaut’s body when going through space without gravity, during the flight. NASA will pay you to stay in bed for 70 days, 24 hours a day. It is not as easy as it sounds though. You need to make sure you’re mentally prepared to spend 70 days in bed without leaving, or the deal’s off. Not everybody is comfortable with that. Not everybody can tolerate an extended time in bed. But remember the payout for this one….. $18,000!

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5. Donating a Testicle

Ouch right?! This one’s gonna hurt at least bit. Maybe you won’t feel the pain of the surgery, but your ego will. There are medical facilities that will accept and perform the procedure for a Testicle donation. On a episode of “Extreme Cheapskates “a Las Vegas man figured out a way to make some money by signing up for medical trials. He saved himself more than $750. That inspired him to take it one step further. Most recently he also agreed to donate one of his testicles. But they didn’t just leave him hanging. They replaced it with an artificial one and paid him $35,000.  It was reported that he used the money to purchase a Nissan 370 Z.


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