does white teeth mean healthy teeth

Does white teeth mean healthy teeth?

Although most of people likes to have white teeth and find it as a sign of youthfulness, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have healthy and strong teeth. In this article we try to verify if the question ” why does white teeth mean healthy teeth ” is right or not.

Dental health is not summarized as just having white teeth but also you need healthy gums to support them as well.

Does white teeth mean healthy teeth?

does white teeth mean healthy teeth
does white teeth mean healthy teeth

Why do we need healthy gums?

However you can have beautiful white teeth, bet gum diseases may results in tooth loss. One of the main problems with gum disease is that it is often a ‘silent disease’ which means they have no serious symptoms and you can easily ignore them. So be careful about your gums health and try to visit a dentist annually.

Teeth color must not indicates dental health

Having white color teeth as pearls is not only a great asset but also it could cause you to look really good. For instance it would be necessary for a Hollywood star to have white teeth. However the white teeth gives you an amazing smile, but color alone doesn’t mean that the teeth are healthy. Some people have yellow teeth genetically while having caffeine, smoking and some other reasons may results in change in the teeth color. By other means yellow teeth must not indicates that they don’t practice proper dental hygiene. There are so many things that can cause teeth to discolor, such as genetics, lifestyle and habits. In addition, some who have very white teeth may actually have weaker tooth enamels. So, their teeth may look nice from the outside, but internally, these are in poor condition.

Dental health doesn’t depends on teeth color alone

When it comes to dental health, color is not the only symptom that indicates your teeth are healthy or not. But if you find that your tooth discoloration is caused by dental problems, you should see a dentist as soon as possible.

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