Fun things to do in Luxembourg

Luxembourg City is the Capital of Luxembourg, a very charming combination of ancient and modern, local and global, simplicity and luxury. In this City there are many fun things to do, and that’s why we are going to talk about ” Fun things to do in Luxembourg “.

This lovely city Luxembourg offers an intriguing blend of history, culture, art and natural landscapes. With many of the European Union offices and departments hosted in Luxembourg City, there is a real multicultural perspective to this city.

Fun things to do in Luxembourg : Palais Grand-Ducal

As the original residence of the Grand Duke and the royal family, Palais Grand-Ducal in Luxembourg City is a spectacular piece of architecture, built in the 16th Century during the Flemish Renaissance. The palace’s interior design appears to be an exquisite combination of a variety of styles; a delicate interplay between romantic and medieval-gothic styles and industrial light designs by the German industrial designer, Ingo Maurer.

Fun things to do in Luxembourg : Luxembourg City History Museum

The Luxembourg City History Museum is housed within a group of four renovated 17th Century houses. The museum reflects upon not only the history of Luxembourg as a city and a nation, but also the architectural diversity and development of the city and its population since the 10th century. As well as a variety of interactive cultural programs and events, the collection at the History Museum consists of photographs, postcards, ceramics, topographical models and attestations to urban development, as well as a variety of special exhibits used in daily life.

Fun things to do in Luxembourg : Château de Vianden

I think that everyone should visit Château de Vianden ! In the city of Vianden, the Château de Vianden is characterized as one of the most breathtaking castles in Luxembourg. Built between the 11th and 14th centuries, this castle is one of the largest feudal residences of the Gothic periods in Europe. The main parts of the castle were the chapel and the large and small palaces constructed between the end of the 12th and the first half of the 13th centuries. Restored in 1977, it is considered a monument of European importance.

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And take a look at these pictures of Luxembourg :

fun things in Luxambour
fun things in Luxambour
grand ducal palace luxembourg
grand ducal palace luxembourg
statue william II luxembourg
statue william II luxembourg

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