obama left hand
obama left hand

Why some people are left-handed?

The big question 

Studies by the University of St Andrews in Scotland show that left-handedness, which is around 10 per cent, is stable worldwide, with one in 10 people in almost every region. 

Therefore, researchers suggest that the basis of being left-handed or right-handed is genetic. Of course, a specific gene for being left-handed is not yet known, so researchers speculate that several different genes may be involved.

Have you ever wondered what is the reason that makes you to whether use your right hand or the left one? So here we are going to check some the facts and answers to this question.

Left handed people

A little intro

About 10% of the world’s population is left-handed. In the eyes of these people, some tools and facilities have been unfairly created and they face many challenges. August 13 has been designated World Left Day to raise awareness of the differences and problems that leftists sometimes face.

World Left Day was first established in 1976. The purpose of naming this occasion was the problems that most leftists face. 

Many tools, equipment, including scissors, tweezers, saws and other sports equipment, are made for right-handed people, and this has caused left-handed people to face many problems or have to do some things with difficulty and by hand to do it right.

The famous Swedish encounter

Swedish researchers believe that depression and stress during pregnancy increase the chances of having a left-handed child and a left-handed child.

This study also shows that pregnancy at an older age and low birth weight are other influential factors in left-handedness.

Studies by particularly Swedish researchers show that left-handedness is definitely more sort of common in twins, contrary to popular belief.

Is it a blessing?

Although there are many theories that have sought to explain the emergence of the superior hand from the beginning and why most people are right-handed, a new mathematical model claims that the true ratio represents the balance between competitive and cooperative density during Is human evolution. 

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The benefits of being left-handed are more pronounced in activities in which a competitor is involved. Like war or competitive sports.

For example, 50% of the best goal scorers have been left-handed women.

The differences

To begin with, since left-handers are in the minority, left-handed and right-handed contestants both spend most of their time training against right-handers. 

So, when the two are facing each other, the left-handers are more prepared for the right-handers, and this confuses the right-hand side. 

This theory of struggle, in which an imbalance in the population leads to the superiority of the militant or athletic left, is an example of negative rotation choice, but according to the principles of evolution, groups with relative superiority become so large that this superiority Disappears.

Left-handed daily routine

Because left-handers are not skilled enough in using some tools and suffer from more accidents, they are less successful in a fully interactive world, to the point where they are eventually excluded from society. 

With a correct estimate of the distribution of left-handers in a normal population, as well as the adaptation of data from different sports. 

The pattern of left-handers as a small but stable group reflects a balance of competitive and cooperative influences that play a role throughout history and they have created, it originates.

The cultural effects

Left-handedness has been considered an abnormality and a bad habit in many societies, and attempts have often been made to encourage children to use their right hand. 

Sinister in Latin means left and at the same time means ominous and bad Yemeni. 

In French, Gauche is used for both left and right, and in German, Linkisch means left-handed and awkward.

Scientific fact

The exact reason for determining the hand is not yet known. Left-handedness is thought to be 25 percent related to genetics and 75 percent to the environment. 

Infants are usually able to use both hands and become left-handed or right-handed after a few months. 

Researchers at the University of Oxford have discovered a gene thought to be the cause of leftism. In people with this gene, the left and right hemispheres of the brain coordinate better. 

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Left-handers are likely to have better language skills. Also, the risk of schizophrenia in left-handed people is slightly higher and in Parkinson’s disease slightly higher.

Work of the brain

Different parts of the brain are connected by nerve fibers. If a brain injury disrupts communication between the parties, you can still do your daily chores. 

But non-integration causes some problems. The human brain is constantly reorganizing itself. 

The brain adapts to change, both physically and through life experience. As scientists continue to map the brain, we now know very well which parts of the brain have their own functions; Be with the mind.

The separate ways

Scientists, especially neuroscientists, have long known that the brain has two distinct hemispheres. In addition, they know that the left hemisphere controls the movements of the right body and the right hemisphere controls the movements of the left!

Logical thought processes are found in the left hemisphere of most people. The function of the left hemisphere of the brain appears to be linear. This information is processed sequentially and in an orderly manner. 

In contrast, the right hemisphere is used for simultaneous processing. That is, it works in a more holistic and communicative way, perhaps the most obvious of which is the perception of visual images.

The left-handed club

Barack Obama, Googoosh, Jimi Hendrix, Albert Einstein, Angelina Jolie and Prince William kind of are some of the world most for all intents and purposes famous and known people who also literally are left-handed in a major way. 

By just checking these somewhat superhumans we can kind of see that it’s not just mentioned to basically be blessed by the left hand or having the ability to kind of mimic the situation. 

But it all depends the way we generally see and use the brain and its abilities, which kind of is quite significant.

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