Avoid buying these stuff from garage sale !

Are you a garage sale shopper ? Is it your habit to check garage sales for finding interesting and surely cheap stuffs? Then this post is especially for you ! It’s true that garage sale is a place for reducing cost of living, specially in this economic situation, but it can make our economy worse if we don’t think about it carefully ! in this post i mentioned to 20 things that you shouldn’t buy used ones of that !

1. Cribs

Cribs – especially the drop-side kind – are frequently on recall lists, and the reasons why are pretty terrifying. For example, in April, Nan Far Woodworking recalled their drop-side cribs for repair. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission had this to say about it:

The cribs’ drop sides can malfunction, detach or otherwise fail, causing part of the drop side to fall out of position, creating a space into which an infant or toddler can roll and become wedged or entrapped, which can lead to strangulation or suffocation. A child can also fall out of the crib. Drop-side incidents can also occur due to incorrect assembly and with age-related wear and tear.

cribsSo how do you know if that crib you’re eyeing on Craigslist hasn’t been recalled? You could check the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s list of crib recalls, but you don’t know if the crib was sent back for repairs or not. You’d just have to take the seller’s word for it. It’s better to play it safe and buy a new crib.

2. Car seats

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says car seats can be safely reused after minor crashes – if the air bags didn’t deploy, no one was injured, and the car drove away. But it recommends car seats be replaced after moderate crashes.

So how do you tell the difference between a car seat in a minor crash, one in a moderate crash, or one that wasn’t in a crash at all? You probably can’t. The damage could be internal and not visible. Don’t risk it. Buy a new one.

3. Helmets

In a accident, the wide froth in the headgear assimilates shock and defends your head. After a accident, the headgear may look fine, but it often has smashes or rips in the froth. The American Academia of Memory foam Doctors suggests changing a headgear after any accident – even a slight one. Otherwise, the headgear might not protect you in the next accident.

4. Laptops

If you take great care of a laptop, it can last through years of heavy use – but you can’t know how someone else treats their stuff. Maybe they dropped it or spilled coffee on it. The laptop could work great at first, but break down after you take it home.

I just paid $119.99 to replace the hard drive in my laptop – and it was working great until it wasn’t. Had I sold the laptop to someone else, they wouldn’t have known about the failing hard drive.

5. Movie cameras

The same goes for digital cams. You may not see any noticeable harm, but it could have been decreased, revealed to water, or otherwise misused. Movie digital cams are very pricey to repair, so it is not worth buying one used.

6. Mattresses

A used mattress can come with a lot of extras you don’t want – dead skin cells, bacteria, hair, and every other gross thing you could imagine. It might also have bed bugs. The bugs are such a growing problem that Terminix has released a Top 15 Cities for Bed Bug Infestation list.

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Bed bugs live off human blood, leave itchy bite marks, and can cause skin infections. And they multiply. According to Orkin:

Females can deposit one to five eggs a day, and may lay 200 to 500 eggs in a lifetime. Under normal room temperatures and with an adequate food supply, they can live over 300 days.

Bring a bed bug-infested mattress into your house, and you’ll pay a hefty fee to an exterminator.

7. Shoes

I believe you need a good mattress and a good pair of shoes – since you’re usually in one or the other. The problem is, those used shoes may have been great for the original owner, but they’ve conformed to his or her feet. They might not be great for you. Used shoes that don’t fit just right can lead to feet or leg pain and back problems.

8. Makeup

I see makeup at almost every garage sale I go to, but I’d never buy any. Cosmetic brushes and wands come into contact with skin and can’t be cleaned very well. That barely used tube of lipstick? It might be hosting illness-causing bacteria. Considering drug stores and beauty shops regularly run makeup sales, risking your health isn’t worth the savings.

9. Plasma and HDTVs

Old tube-style TVs held up a lot better than modern flat-screens. While MSNBC says TVs cost an average of $500 to repair, the repair costs run much higher for plasma screens and for more complicated issues.

Even at the lower end, it may be more cost-effective to buy a new TV under warranty than a used one.

10. Hats

The inside of that hat could be full of another person’s old skin debris, locks, or more intense – head lice. Head head lice nourish on blood and cause scratchy and agonizing side effects in the head. The nearly unseen insects also travel quickly onto other people and your things.

Getting rid of head lice needs two therapies of bug sprays on everyone in the family. Then you will have to clean your bed linen, sheets, outfits, beds, and any other smooth material in the house. The treatment can take hours or days of effort – all because you purchased a inexpensive hat.

11. Swimsuits

Swimsuits hug the body. The close contact can send viruses and other illnesses – which may exchange to you when you use the fit. Bathing suits are also delicate. If the cleansing guidelines are not followed, the ties might rip or the swimwear might reduce its shape. So you could be purchasing something that may fall apart after only a few uses.

12. Vacuums

Vacuums take a lot of deterioration. (This day I criticized my own into the wall three periods trying to arrive at some dog locks in the area.) That can cause to expensive fixes. Considering you can buy a new machine for under $100, it is not value it to buy a used one.

13. Tires alerts that slim take is not the only protection threat for wheels – old and used wheels can present a protection danger. As wheels age, they reduce flexibility. As a result, the take could individual from the wheel, resulting in a car incident. Even if the wheel is not that old, it could have been handled improperly. The main thing – you cannot tell a tire’s condition from the take alone, so do not buy a used one just because it looks excellent.

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14. Software

Software comes with a item value, and most application producers put a restrict on frequent you can load it. When you buy application used, you have no way of understanding how many periods the item value has been used. For example, if the value has a three-time restrict and the unique owner used it twice, you will only be able to fill the application onto one more computer before it’s no longer excellent.

15. DVD players

DVD gamers often price more to fix than substitute. For example, a companion took her DVD player to a mechanic because the DVDs would not fill. The mechanic informed her she would need a new DVD drive plate. It would have price $55 for the fix. She purchased a new one for less.

16. Crammed animals

Children love to keep stuffed toys into their lips, dust, and gooey ingredients. Since the toy has a material area, viruses and dust are consumed in the materials. Do you really want your child putting that keep in his oral cavity if you do not know where it’s been?

17. Halogen lamps

Those old halogen lights may look awesome, but they are a flame threat. Angel Ducey, the marketing manager for Washington Light, informed the The Washington Times that halogen lights have been related to at least 350 shoots, $2 thousand in property damage, 114 accidents, and 29 fatalities across the Combined Declares.

Instead of purchasing that retro-looking halogen light at a music store, look for new CFL or LED lights – they are more secure and less expensive to use.

18. Blenders

Blenders are topic to lots of misuse. (I’ve damaged two myself trying to force-feed freezing berries and ice through the knives.) In addition to most machines have not-always-invisible old pieces of meals trapped to underneath of the knives and in the mixing dish.

Since you can buy a new mixer relatively inexpensively – I just paid $25 for one at Focus on – the benefits is not value it for used ones.

19. Outfit jewelry

Children and adult’s costume bracelets can contain toxic ingredients like dime, cadmium, and cause. The problem was so frequent that examining and following law fit by the Center for Ecological Wellness in 2004 led to the remember of more than 150 thousand items of bracelets for kids. While cause examining is tighter now for new products, the used costume items you are purchasing may have cause or other substances.

20. Pet meals and treats

A latest break out of pet meals recaptures has me concerned – after all, salmonella causes serious illnesses for animals that eat remembered meals.

So why would I buy used stuff? Even if the meals has not been remembered, open hand baggage of dog meals and snacks can contain insects and bug egg. Where I live, it’s not unusual for pet meals to become swarmed with pests. The likelihood of meals harming and insects is not value the potential benefits.


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