What does it mean if you have a slow metabolism?

What does it mean if you have a slow metabolism?

Slow metabolism, also known as hypothyroidism, results from any disorder in your metabolic system and specific glands. If you have slow metabolism you will suffers from many ailments, but do you know what does it mean if you have a slow metabolism?  So read this article to understand symptoms of slow metabolism.

What does it mean if you have a slow metabolism?

What does it mean if you have a slow metabolism?

Weight Gain

Metabolism would be described as a process through your body burns calories by converting what you eat into energy. If you suffers from low metabolism, you are more prone to being overweight than others. So if you find any contradiction between an unusual weight gain and your calorie intake, the most probable thing is that you have slow metabolism.

You Can’t Lose Weight

While you are following a diet plan and also having regular exercise every day but you complain that you can’t lose weight. This would be the most obvious symptoms of slow metabolism.

Hair Loss

Every processes which affects your skin, it can also affects the hair. As your skin and nails requires nutrients, your hair also need nutrients for growth. By suffering from slow metabolism, hairs and any other organs of the human body won’t have enough supply of nutrients. So you are more prone to hair loss.

You Can’t Concentrate As You Could Do Before

Your brain survives off the nutrients your body is able to take in from the food you. If your brain can’t reach enough nutrients, you would lose your concentration and alertness. By losing concentration, all of your behaviors such as judgments such as judgment and making decisions could be influenced.

You Have Dry Skin

The hormones which adjust body metabolism are also involved in keeping your hair and skin healthy. Although there are many various reasons which affects your skin health but if you have you are experiencing these symptoms in conjunction with others on this list, you should beware of suffering slow metabolism.

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You Are Feeling More Tired Than before

There are many reasons that you might feel tired such as stress or lack of sleep. When your body takes less nutrients than it should get usually, the brain can’t have it’s proper functioning


Brain swelling and the accompanying tension headaches and migraines can be associated with an underactive thyroid which also slows your metabolism. In addition, an unhealthy fluctuation in the levels of the stress hormone cortisol causes a metabolic imbalance and has also been shown to trigger migraines.

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