why people feeling regret after marriage

5 Reasons why people feeling regret after marriage

As marriage is one of the most important decisions of life, it unites a man with the woman of his dreams and it should bring happiness to the couples’ life. While everything has its own pros and cons, marriage is not expected to be perfect but some people find themselves guilty of being married. There are reasons why people feeling regret after marriage.

Reasons why people feeling regret after marriage

why people feeling regret after marriage

Marrying someone who doesn’t share his/her beliefs

As a fact you can’t change any other person except yourself. It’s true that opposite sexes attracts each other but there are some element more important than appearance factors such as believes, religion, moral and lifetime goals. Marrying someone who doesn’t share such things, would be a great failure.

You can’t be as independent as you were before

As you get married, all of your decisions will no longer depend on yourself alone. From now on, you should consider another one’s wishes in your life. For instance you want to buy a new car, make a decision for going to travel or etc. you should also take your partners permission.


The most important thing that cause a marriage to be failed is betrayal. Many people lives with a sense of regret all the time because of what they had done. Cheating is one of the most important reasons why people feeling regret after marriage.

Wanted some more time to enjoy life

In many cases, the priorities of a woman’s life change completely after marriage. She is expected to take every decision in life while keeping her family in mind. So, even though you would be having a long ‘wish list’ in your mind to enjoy life, it just might not get fulfilled due to the added responsibilities.

Staying together for the kids

Many couples tolerate each other just for the kids, but in fact it’s not the most appropriate way for upbringing a child. Although many parents keeps an unsuccessful marriage for the kids but it’s not a suggested way for raising children. Sometimes separation is a better decision for the children because they don’t have to tolerate a stressful life anymore. Staying together for the children is one of the main reasons why people feeling regret after marriage.

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  1. I really think that one of the biggest issues, is that when someone gets married they expect a Disney ending. Happily ever after. Cinderella and Snow White. Falling in love, marrying the man of your dreams. But that is always where the movie ends. Life doesn’t end at the wedding. Marriage actually begins then. And so, if you are not working diligently every single day to keep the marriage going it will fall apart and regret creeps in. I really encourage every one I meet and tel them. What brought you together….will keep you together.

    The dating, laughing together, spending quality time & the enjoyment of activities together, the talking(real talking and sharing). If you are not doing that, then it will be over.

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