10 Unbelievable facts about ants you have never heard before

10 Unbelievable facts about ants you have never heard before

Although some people may find ants boring but they are much useful for the environment. They are pretty spectacular insects and maybe one of the most amazing creatures living on the earth. So we have gathered 10 Unbelievable facts about ants you have never heard before.

10 Unbelievable facts about ants you have never heard before

10 Unbelievable facts about ants you have never heard before

10- Ants, the superpower insects!

Ants can carry 10-40 times more than their own weight. As Olympic athletes can lift at last 2-3 times more than their own weight, ants are assumed as a superman!

9- There are more than 10,000 different ant species in the world

It is hard to believe that there are such ant species around the world. Ants which you can find in your kitchen must be different than those which lives in the forest.

8- Ants are not necessarily short lived insects

Most of living creatures are threaten by humans and some of them have gone extinct right now. Although there are billions of ants living worldwide, some species can live for 2-3 decades.

7- Ants don’t have ears

Ants don’t have ears but it doesn’t mean that they are deaf. They use vibrations to find the route to the formicary.

6- Ants are social insects

The formicary is an ant colony which contains thousands of ants. It consist of worker ants and the queen ant. The main duty of the queen is mating with other ants.

5- The largest formicary ever found has over 3,500 miles wide

Such enormous formicary was discovered in 2000, in Argentina. It contains millions of nest and billions of ants!

4- Ants population is about 10 quadrillion which means ten million times more than humans

There are 8 billion humans in the world. Although it’s a large quantity but you can never compare it to the ants population. That’s estimated about 10,000,000,000,000,000. Some calculators are not capable of  writing down such a 17 digit number!

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3- Ants have two separate stomachs

They have one stomach for holding foods for their own while the other one is dedicated to keep food to be shared with other ants!

 2- Ants are the oldest living creatures

According to the studies it has been proved that ants are living in the earth since 130 million years ago. They have survived after such difficult situations that dinosaurs couldn’t survive.

1-Ants are all over the world, just like humans

You can find ants everywhere on the earth except Antarctica. By other means they have traveled to all over the world such as outland islands. Although there are various species of ants but there is one species of ants ,the Argentine, which has conquered to 16 different countries in the world.

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