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The most intelligent dogs

People want dogs for different reasons. Some want companionship, some want little cuddly lap dogs, and some people want a dog which can easily be trained. But in all cases having more intelligent dog is preferable !

I know that all dogs have their own personalities and like all things in this world each species has some pros and cons, but i want to tell you my opinion about the ranking of the most intelligent dogs ! Even if you want to play with them or any other reasons, intelligent dogs are better than stupid ones !

1- Border Collie

Like many intelligent dogs, the Border Collie needs a job to do. Border Collie widely regarded as the most intelligent dog. These dogs have been used for hundreds of years for sheep herding due to their ability to understand and follow instructions. If they don’t have a purpose in life or some kind of job, they will not be happy. Border Collies should definitely not be left at home alone all day, and if they are, they can become quite destructive. They need constant companionship, praise, and extensive exercise. So if you work and live in the city, a Border Collie probably isn’t the dog for you! Because of their legendary intelligence, Border Collies set the standard in competitions for such skills as agility, obedience, and of course, sheepdog trials.

border collie

 2- German Shepherd

German Shepherds are extremely intelligent, courageous, and have a very strong protective instinct (they are one of the best guard dogs).

A German Shepherd’s intelligence combined with its size means that it can be trained to be a very effective guard dog. As long as they are trained in obedience from an early age by a loving but firm hand, they can be great family dogs, and excellent with children.  Because of their intelligence, a German Shepherd needs a purpose or job in life to be truly happy. This intelligence, coupled with their courageous nature make German Shepherds excellent police and search dogs.

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3- Golden Retriever

Next up is another large dog, the Golden Retriever.Unlike the German Shepherd however, these dogs are naturally friendly and placid. They are therefore better suited for tasks such as, as the name suggests, retrieving.

golden retriever4- Poodle

A loyal dog ! who will never forget you. Poodle is one of the most loyal dogs and also in the top ranking of the most intelligent ones.

The standard Poodle is highly intelligent and one of the easiest breeds to train.  They love to be around people, and really hate to be left alone.

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