Do ants pee?

Have you ever thought about that how do ants pee?  According to the latest researches it is found that the ants have a specific area in their nest for peeing.  By other means a fixed place in the formicary is considered  for toilette and every ant should pee just in the fixed area of the nest in order to have a healthier colony and also feed their larva!

do ants pee

Do ants pee?

“Lasius niger” is a specific kind of ants that you can see in the picture above. These ants consider a sewage in their nest for excreting their waste. Many researches had been carried out that these kind of bugs are interested in allocating a corner of their formicary for peeing. According to a large accumulation of ants in a small nest, it is a logical case to consider a wastage in the corner of nest. Although having such arrangement is necessary for thousands of ants which live together in a formicary.

Scientist believes that excrement can cause many disease by transmitting bacteria and put the ants colony into a real danger. Tamer Sachs, a postdoctoral researcher in the University of Regersburg believes that ants have a regulated life.

Tamer Sachs have studied 21 different colonies of black ants. The ants were divided into two separate groups.  Researchers gave every group an individual drink. Some were given a red colored drink and some other were given a blue drink.

do ants pee

The results were amazing. In the first group, the ant feces were red while in the second group it was blue. Just the same as what they had drunk. This helped scientist to understand where each group of ants peed.

After two months, a pattern of ants behavior arose. Scientist found that something began to accumulate in the corner of each formicary. It was obvious that the ants had been collected their stool into the corner of the formicary in order to cleaning their nest.

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