The map that tells you when everyone is going to die

At first you might think this map is a little morbid, but life expectancy has always been one of those topics that’s fascinated us humans from, well, the beginning of time. If you rewind a hundred or so years, you’ll notice that we’re all living a lot longer than what we used to – just look at Victorian England for example, some poor folks never got past the age of 45, now it seems the average age you’ll kick it in the UK is as high as 91!

So, what of this map? Blogger Rafael H. M. Pereira created the pretty map below to find out the average life expectancy of each country in the world since 1950. He measured all the way up to 2015, and used handy data from the UN World Population Prospect 2015 to create his work, seen below.

With little change in countries such as the United States of America, as well as numerous African and Central Asian nations, it looks like those living in the likes of Australia and Western Europe (France at 93, Italy at 94, and the UK at 91, followed by Spain at 93!) are likely to live the longest.

What’s their secret? We can all speculate, but it’s fair to say that it’s all about the sun and that Mediterranean olive oil diet.

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