3D printed house that takes less than 24 hours to build

This new house has been built in a town outside Moscow. Surprisingly this home wasn’t built in the traditional way. It was actually 3D printed.

This is the first 3D printed residential home, designed and engineered by the tech startup Apis Cor. The construction took less than a day and it cost under $11,000 to complete. A mobile 3D printer created the building’s concrete walls and partitions as a fully connected structure. Rather than printing the building in panels at an off-site facility as is usually done, the company said. The mobile 3D printer was then removed from the building, and a group of contractors completed the home. Adding the roof and windows, and finishing the interior design.

Due to shifting the construction of the building’s shell to 3D printing, Apis Cor aims to prove that this type of construction can be “fast, eco-friendly, efficient and reliable.

“We want to help people around the world to improve their living conditions,”. Nikita Chen-yun-tai, Apis Cor’s founder and inventor of the mobile printer, said on the company’s website. “That’s why the construction process needs to become fast, efficient and high-quality as well. For this to happen, we need to delegate all the hard work to smart machines.”

The first example of this work is a cozy, 400-square-foot (37 square meters) home with an unusual, curved shape. The curved design of the home was chosen to demonstrate the 3D printer’s ability to print the construction material in any shape, according to Apis Cor.

 3D printed house

Inside, the 3D printed home has all of the standard features of a traditionally built house. The studio-style dwelling has a hall, bathroom, living room and compact kitchen. Apis Cor partnered with Samsung while on the demonstration house. The electronics giant provided the home’s appliances, including a TV with the same curvature as the living-room wall.

Apis Cor estimated that the total cost of the demonstration house’s construction was about $25 per square foot, or $275 per square meter. Of the total $10,134 it cost to build the home, however the windows and doors were the most expensive components.

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While the total construction savings of the demonstration house compared to a traditional home are difficult to estimate, Apis Cor representatives said in a statement that savings from 3D printing the building’s walls are guaranteed.

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