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Are you looking for the coolest pencils ? see the coolest pencils

Coolest pencils ! This is what we are going to talk about. Pencils are one the most important schools supplies that any student needs that. Despite old pencils which were really simple there are many innovation in new pencils. Let’s have a look at these innovative and cool pencils.

Coolest pencils : Wooden Spoon Pencil

These pencils are like a spoon, A wooden spoon is always in your hand, and it can be really interesting !

Coolest pencils : Drumstick Pencils

Are a musician ? or you want to become one ? then it’s not bad to have a drumstick pencil in your hand even when you are writing.

Drumstick Pencil
Drumstick Pencil

Coolest pencils : Clothes Peg Pencils

In my own opinion, This is the most funny and interesting pencils i have ever seen in my life. Please take a look at this pencil, This is really funny, it’s just like a Clothe peg.

Clothes Peg Pencil

Clothes Peg Pencil

General and Common Pencils

The most common type of pencil casing is of thin wood, usually hexagonal in section but sometimes cylindrical, permanently bonded to the core. Similar permanent casings may be constructed of other materials such as plastic or paper. To use the pencil, the casing must be carved or peeled off to expose the working end of the core as a sharp point. Mechanical pencils have more elaborate casings which are not permanently bonded to the core. Instead, the casing supports a separate, mobile piece of pigment core that can be extended or retracted through the casing tip as needed; these pencil casings can be re-loaded with a new core (usually graphite) when necessary.

Residual graphite from a pencil stick is not poisonous, and graphite is harmless if consumed.[59]Although lead has not been used for writing since antiquity, lead poisoning from pencils was not uncommon. Until the middle of the 20th century the paint used for the outer coating could contain high concentrations of lead, and this could be ingested when the pencil was sucked or chewed.

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