Downvote button on Facebook !

An innovation after many years ! it seems that facebook is going to add downvote button on its social media platform ! like the one that reddit has. I can mention Downvote button on Facebook as an innovation after many years on Facebook.

Downvote button on Facebook !

Facebook made a Reddit-esque “downvote” button available to a small number of users Thursday, according to a tweet by the Daily Beast’s Taylor Lorenz and confirmed by Business Insider. The button allows users to choose from a list of options indicating why they deemed the post or comment downvote-worthy, including “misleading,” “off topic” and “offensive.”

The downvote button would bring us closer to the much wanted “dislike” feature that was revealed by Facebook Design Chief Julie Zhuo as the change users request most. According to the Twitter discussion about the test feature, it resembles the downvote function on websites like Reddit and Imgur.

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  1. Apparently this idiot is unaware about what downvote brigading is.

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