Saturday , January 29 2022

Inside Servers of Facebook

How many serves does Fb have? For a while now, the stock reaction has been “more than 10,000 serves,” a wide range the organization began using in May 2008. Fb has continuous to use that wide range, even as it has improved past 300 million clients and significantly prolonged its details center place. Let’s look inside the Facebook servers :

We now have an update: Fb has 30,000 serves helping its features. That wide range comes from Level Rothschild, the v. p. of technology at Fb, who described the organization’s features in a screen the other day at UC San John (link via Higher Scalability).


“Today we have somewhere in the group of 30,000 serves,” Rothschild said during the Q&A process following his talk about, such as that the wide range ”will be different nowadays than it was yesterday” because Fb is such as prospective on a frequent period.

That destinations Fb among the greatest On the internet companies that have commonly described their web coordinator hosting server variety, but still well behind web coordinator solutions Rackspace, 1&1 On the internet and OVH, which each home more than 50,000 serves in their details features. See Who Has The Most Web Hosts for more period on the greatest infrastructures.




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