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google knows about you
google knows about you

Discover what google knows about you

With more than 3.5 billion searches in a day, Google is the most visited website in the world. Obviously this huge searches and visitors helped google to collect a very big data about people ! Surely i can’t tell you about all those valuable data ! But here you can discover about things that google knows about you ! Fortunately you can control them.

Discover things google knows about you

Want to find out all the things Google knows about you? We think that google has lots of knowledge about you :

1. Find out what Google thinks about you

In order to show relevant ads, Google gathers data about you and makes a profile. You can control and review the information Google has about you here:


And that’s why we think google knows about you !

Google also has a tool called Google Analytics, that helps publishers see what pages you have viewed on their website, how many times you have visited it, how long did you stay etc. You can opt out if you don’t want this type of data to be collected:


And that’s why we think google knows about you !

2. Find out your location history

If you use Android, your mobile device may be sending your location to Google. You can see your entire location history here:


And that’s why we think google knows about you !

3. Find out your entire Google Search history

Google saves every single search you have ever done. On top of that, they record every Google ad you have clicked on. This log is available in Google web history controls:


And that’s why we think google knows about you !

4. Get a monthly security and privacy report from Google

Google offers an Account action page that enlightens you concerning all the Google administrations you are utilizing. You can even empower a month to month report that will be sent to your email:

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And that’s why we think google knows about you !

5. Find out all the apps and extensions that are accessing your Google data

The Account activity page also offers a list of all the apps that have any type of access to your data. You can see the exact type of permissions granted to the app and revoke access to your data here:


And that’s why we think google knows about you !

6. Export all of your data out of Google

Google lets you export all your data: bookmarks, emails, contacts, drive files, profile info, your youtube videos, photos and more here:


And that’s why we think google knows about you !

Extra things google knows !

Google also keeps a history of your YouTube searches. You can find it here:



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