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Ivanka Trump and questionable glances at the prime minister of Canada

Released pictures of Ivanka Trump watching Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau when he officially visited the White House on February 13 has raised a lot of reactions in all of the social medias. People interpret this glances as something more than pure diplomatic courtesy. Being among the youngest government officials in the history of …

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Russia told the White House that they will not return Crimea to Ukraine

Today Russia announced that it would not return Crimea to Ukraine. They’ve also made it clear that they would not even negotiate on this matter with their foreign partners. This was when the U.S. President Donald Trump said he expected the annexed Black Sea peninsula to be returned. Moscow said that in the 2014 …

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Barack Obama says goodbye after 8 years of solid service

Barack Obama issued an emotional speech last Tuesday night insuring the Americans who are facing momentarily  anxiety in the recent changes in the leadership that took a dramatic change. Barack Obama Obama’s speech in his hometown of Chicago was pretty much a review. It was a reminder of the thing that happened …

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