Friday , August 18 2017
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Is Microsoft paint dead or not ?

Microsoft Paint

Microsoft paint has more than 30 years age in our computers, it’s too hard for us to forget it ! and that’s why these days people are thinking about “Is Microsoft Paint Dead or Not ?” This morning, Windows users woke to terrible news: Microsoft was reportedly axing its beloved …

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3D printed house that takes less than 24 hours to build

This new house has been built in a town outside Moscow. Surprisingly this home wasn’t built in the traditional way. It was actually 3D printed. This is the first 3D printed residential home, designed and engineered by the tech startup Apis Cor. The construction took less than a day and it cost under …

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Reverse image search engine & shortcut

search engine

Computer has many hidden things that you don’t know ! not because your information are not enough, but because this interesting entity (computer) has many hidden things ! Here i want to introduce you to a hidden shortcut for reverse image search, and also the best reverse image search engine …

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