Puerto Rico’s hurricane

Things that every American needs to know about Puerto Rico’s hurricane

Hurricane, hurricane and hurricane ! This is our every day’s story that we need to read about effects of hurricanes on our life. And now we are waiting for Puerto Rico’s new hurricane named Maria. Now let’s understand about “Things that every American needs to know about Puerto Rico’s hurricane”

Puerto Rico’s hurricane

Early on Wednesday, September 20, Hurricane Maria, a powerful Category 4 hurricane with 150 mph winds, made direct landfall on Puerto Rico, bisecting the entire island and drenching it with feet of rain. What’s happened since has been truly catastrophic for Puerto Rico.

These are the most important things you need to know about Puerto Rico’s hurricane

1) 3.4 million US citizens live in Puerto Rico, and they are entitled to the same government response as any state. But half of Americans don’t even know that.

2) Hurricane Maria was like a 50-mile-wide tornado that made a direct hit on the island

3) Water, food, and fuel are scarce on the island. The airports are a mess. Power will be out for months in some places.

Puerto Rico’s hurricane
Puerto Rico’s hurricane

4) Experts believe the death toll could reach into the hundreds

5) The US government is responding to the disaster, but it’s going slow

6) Trump could be doing much more to help

Now you know more about Puerto Rico’s hurricane, please let me know what do you think about Trump’s role in this disaster.

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