i hate apple

why i hate Apple?

Can you remember my article about Why apple is so successful ?  now read why i don’t like this successful brand !

This won’t quite be the Apple organization whacking that individuals probably anticipate. To begin off, I don’t dislike Apple organization. I think that they’re an amazing organization that does a lot of very intelligent factors. I think that they develop relatively top high quality items and do a excellent job of assisting them.

Even if I don’t buy any of their items, I’m grateful that Apple organization is around. They’re accountable for forcing ahead a lot of technological innovation that are later tailored and enhanced on by organizations I do buy factors from.

i hate apple

I also think that Apple organization creates the right item for a lot of individuals, maybe even you. An iPod is probably the right mp3 gamer for more individuals than any other mp3 gamer. The common customer will probably do better with a Apple apple macbook laptop or computer than the regular PC laptop laptop or computer.

I say all this to create a point: I don’t dislike Apple organization as some kind of misogynistic groupthink. I think they have their position, but it’s just not in my equipment bag.

Here’s why: Apple organization is a shop bought organization with a simple collection. Their technique is to entice as many individuals as possible. That seems sensible. They create simple to use laptop or pcs that do most of what most individuals would want. As I said before, they’re the ideal option for a lot of individuals.

The issue is that they can’t create items for everyone. They create five different laptop laptop or pcs. There are thousands of designs of PC laptop laptop or pcs available. What are the possibilities that the best components (forget about application for now…) specifications for your particular needs are discovered in one of those five computers?

Pretty thin.

In my particular situation, my most important is to have a top high quality show. The more p on the show, the more I can fit on it, and the more I can get done. Written text is cleaner, movie and images look better. The program interface requires up less space proportionally. This is critical to me.

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The 13 inches MacBooks have 1280×800 pixel displays. That’s just over a thousand p, or one mega-pixel. The show on my laptop laptop or computer, a Lenovo X200s is 1440×900, which is 1.3 mega pixels. Same dimension show, but I can fit 30 % more things on it. Furthermore, that’s the same high company’s 15 inches MacBook.

I also dislike Trackpads. I’ve used a Lenovo one that was okay and some Mac ones are okay. Apple organization is doing some intelligent factors with multi touch, but I’d still much rather have a trackpoint in the center of my key-board. It’s more complicated to get used to, but better in the lengthy run– you don’t have to shift your fingertips from the writing position to use the pc mouse.

Those are the big problems I have with MacBooks. There are minimal problems too like deficiency of a finger marks audience, suboptimal dimension to energy rate choices, and less update prospective.

The iPhone has identical problems for me. Its show is 320×480. My cell phone’s show is a little bit bigger, but the high quality is 800×480, which is two and a 50 % periods better than the iPhone. I also NEED a actual key-board. Smooth laptop or computer key-board have come a lengthy way and are okay for brief information, but I actually create content and e-mails on my cellphone sometimes.

My factor isn’t that actual laptop or computer key-board are better than touchscreens for everyone, but rather that if you want a item that is really personalized to your needs, you ought to look outside Apple’s area. I think that many individuals have Apple organization items because they’re awesome and stylish, not because they fulfill their needs better than any other item.


Up until lately, there was one item by Apple organization that I coveted: OSX. It’s so much better than XP and Windows vista that it’s not value the area to describe why. I actually invested two periods trying to get it to run effectively on my last Thinkpad.

I suppose some individuals turned to Apple organization just for OSX. The components wasn’t as excellent, but they like OSX so much that it was value the compromise.

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Personally I discover that my os has almost no keeping on my efficiency. Ms windows XP is at least as quick as OSX, so I can release and get around between my applications quickly. It isn’t as fancy or fun as OSX, but that’s not particularly essential to mee.

The one factor I really liked about OSX, though, was its wonderful typeface creating. Ms windows XP provides print styles very badly, and this creates a bit of a distinction on a regular foundation.

I lately set up Ms windows seven and pressured myself to use it for per A week. At first I tried to create it look like Ms windows XP and discovered it incredibly frustrating. By the end of the A week I began using it as it was designed to be used and have dropped in really like with it. I never believed that would be the result of the research, but it is.

The typeface creating is wonderful, the new taskbar is fairly effective, and there are a lot of new functions that I appreciate. Compared with Windows vista, which seemed to be all show and no operate, Ms windows seven seems like it was designed by individuals who actually proper worry about creating a great os.

If you informed me that I could set up OSX on my laptop laptop or computer and it would work completely, I’d decrease and keep with Ms windows seven.

What’s Best For You?

I mainly had written this so that when individuals tell me I should get an iPhone, I can factor them here instead of describing why I will never buy an iPhone or any other (current) Mac item.

At the end of the day I don’t think it problems much which laptop or computer you have, provided that you believed about what’s essential to you and what isn’t, and determined depending on that. I individually think that most individuals might discover a Lenovo laptop laptop or computer that provides their needs completely.


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