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Health facts about chocolate

Health facts about chocolate

Learn more health facts about chocolate

You can hardly find anyone who don’t like the chocolate and Most of people enjoy eating that. But have you ever thought about advantages or disadvantages of this delicious food? So read this article to learn more health facts about chocolate.

What is chocolate made from?

Main components of chocolate is cacao, plus additional ingredients such as sugar, cocoa butter and…


Health facts about chocolate

Learn more health facts about chocolate

  • Chocolate contains a wide range of nutrients–including not only fats and sugar, but also other carbohydrates and proteins as well as a little quantities of metals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium.
  • Dark chocolate has the potential to have the largest quantity of cocoa solids – at least to 70%. This means that 70% of the chocolate is from the cocoa bean and less from added sugars, oils and perhaps other fillers
  • The higher density of cacao in a chocolate bar, the more flavonoid compounds are added. So increase in cacao percentage in a chocolate bar, would cause in higher nutrition value. Also the flavonoid compounds are effective to reduce the blood pressure.
  • Eating chocolate regularly would results in lower blood pressure, lower “bad” LDL cholesterol and a lower risk of heart disease.
  • According to a study published in in the Journal of Neuroscience, chocolate could act as a tranquilizer and relieve pain.
  • Also researches have found a specific antioxidant in cocoa which prevents obesity in mice and reduces blood sugar level.
  • According to a recent research published in BMJ (British Medical Journal), Chocolate consumption could reduce the risk of heart disease by a third.

At last there is a strange believe that people who are allergic to chocolate are actually allergic to cockroaches, as around eight insect parts are typically found in a bar of chocolate, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

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