Your beautiful legs will get ready for bikini by exercising

Statistics says overweight and even cellulite are not most stirring female topics. Homely legs make many women giving up for lost wearing short skirts and dresses. Believe, in most cases you can solve all problems during several months, and surgery has nothing to do with it. You just have to work with certain muscle groups due to special exercises. Keep reading this article to find out the best exercises to reach beautiful legs !

Dale Dymkoski, one of Hollywood’s top trainers who helps sculpt some of the most eye-catching bodies like the Pussycat Dolls, says that when it comes to working the legs, many women make one huge mistake: Avoiding Weights.

 “The single biggest mistake women make with their workouts is to not strength train the lower body.” Sure you might run or bike, but those exercises focus on aerobics and cardiovascular (heart) strengthening as opposed to focusing on the muscles in the legs. Not the same thing. Dale explains that “Sustained aerobic activity (like biking and running) breaks down muscle tissue. The more lean (muscle) tissue on the body the greater its ability to burn calories.” Translation: you want to build lean muscle in your legs. Muscle burns calories. Calories burned equals fat singed equals a trimmer, slimmer body. And that’s the point right?

These are some easy exercises for having beautiful legs :

we are pursuing 5 goals from these exercises and after that we are ready for bikini !

1- Removing empty space between hips

2- Removing empty space between legs

3- making legs more graceful

4- Increasing volume of legs

5- Increasing volume of hips

To achieve the first goal : Removing empty space between hips

Lie down on your back, bend legs in knees and pull apart without tearing feet away from floor and each other. Try to join knees offering strong resistance with your arms, then pull legs apart again. Repeat 8-10 times in 2-3 sets.

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To achieve the second goal : Removing empty space between legs

Stand on your knees. Pull legs below knees apart and sit down on the floor between them. Repeat 20-30 times in 3 sets.

To achieve the Third goal : making legs more graceful

Stand straight, pull legs together, pull arms down. Do incomplete bobs trying to do spring-like movements. Do not tear heels away from the floor. Do this exercise during 3 minutes.

To achieve the fourth goal : Increasing volume of legs

Stand straight, heels together, toes apart. Rise on your toes on “one”. Lower heels slightly on “two”. Rise on toes as high as you can on “three”. Stand on feet on “four”. Repeat exercise from the very beginning 30-40 times.

To achieve the fifth goal : Increasing volume of hips

Stand with legs shoulder-width apart. Ask somebody helping you. Do bobs overcoming a partner’s resistance (he presses on your shoulders during standing up). Do 10 bobs in 2 sets.

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