Things you should never do on an airplane

14 Things you should never do on airplane

When was the last time you traveled by plane? Have you ever thought that doing such things could annoy someone else?

14 Things you should never do on an airplane

Don’t sit on your seat the entire flight

Things you should never do on an airplane

Siting on a seat for many hours increases the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT) which is a type of blood clot that usually forms in your legs. In order to prevent such situations you should have some minutes walking through the aisle. (Just remember to put your shoes on!) 

Never walk along the airplane barefoot

Some passengers might have thrown up during the flight. It’s a common effect side of flight that happens so much. Also a broken glass could be so dangerous for whom they are not wearing shoes. In addition assume that some may go to the WC barefoot!.

Don’t put any ice cube in your drink

According to a recent research it’s found that airplane’s water supplies are not as hygienic as it should be. So it is recommended to drink only mineral water.


Prevent wearing lenses during long flights

The air in the cabin is dry enough to irritate your eyes while you are wearing lenses. So it’s better to choose glasses if possible.

Never joke about bombs, it is not really funny

Nobody would laugh at your claim about bomb, guns, weapons or anything else related to a terrorist attack. In such conditions, the steward is allowed to remove you from a flight. So be careful not to joke about ridiculous items.

Be polite in public places

Be respectful of the people in front of you and behind you. Nobody loves planes. If we all respect each other’s space then we all win.

Don’t drink a lot

It doesn’t matter if you drink a glass of wine but over consuming of alcohol would cause you such unusual behavior that could annoys everyone on the flight.

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Never abuse the flight attendant call button.

The flight attendants first priority is to keep you satisfied during the flight so you shouldn’t hit the button whenever you want. If you feel tired, it’s not everyone else’s business. Hit that just in necessary situations.

Don’t inflict your feet on other passengers

We have no problem with people slipping off their shoes to be more comfortable on a long flight — with a few important exceptions.

 First, your feet should be as unobtrusive as possible to everyone else. Second, put your shoes back on before you go to the lavatory.

Keep yourself  hydrated during the flight

According to dry atmosphere of airplane cabin, its suggested to everyone to drink at least half a litre during every leg of the flight.

Try not to lean to the window while sleeping

You are not only the exhausted man who wants to sleep in the airplane. So you don’t have to lean on your nearest window. Do you know who else has already breathed, sneezed or coughed against that glass you doze off against?

Try not to recline your seat more than needed

you would recline your seat in order to get more comfort during the flight but beware of it might annoys the man behind you if you do it more than usual.

Don’t turn off the air vent up to your head

If you feel hot in the air plane, it might be better to throw on your jacket instead of turn of the air vent. The main task of the air duct is to ventilate air over your seat so that any airborne germs can be blown away before they enter your personal zone.

Don’t fall asleep before take off

If you do, it will be harder for you to equalize the pressure in your ears (which you’ll do more quickly if you chew gum or yawn). If you’re prone to flight-induced headaches, hold off on your snooze until your ears pop.

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