Turkish Airline
Turkish Airline

Turkish Airways provides in-flight laptop computers after US, UK ban laptop computers on board

Turkish Airways has began providing laptop computers to business-class tourists after England and the U. s. Declares prohibited large digital products from the cottage of journey tickets from certain nations.

Washington has prohibited all digital products larger than a cell phone on direct journey tickets to the U. s. Declares from 10 air-ports in seven Center Southern nations and Poultry, only enabling them to be transferred in hold baggage.

Turkish Airways new decision

Britain followed with a similar ban for five nations in the Center Eastern and northern African-american as well as Poultry.

But Turkish Airways said it would provide tourists a solution.

“The nationwide banner service provider has now began to provide laptop computers for its company category travelers on US-bound journey tickets as from today,” it said in a declaration launched on Weekend.

The air travel would also provide the same service for UK-bound company category travelers from May 12.

Such travelers would be able to demand a laptop from the cottage team to use in-flight, it said.

The laptop computers would provide top security and secure the users’ comfort by “automatically deleting” all personal information after being closed down, it said.

Turkish Airways also began applying actions to keep passengers’ digital products safe during journey tickets to the U.S. and the U.K. after the ban was presented. “The digital products will be obtained by an air travel official during the last check-in before getting on the airplane and will be placed in special shatterproof baggage after being covered with froth includes,” Turkish Airways CEO Bilal Ek?i said in an previously meeting. “We be certain that passengers’ gadgets will not be broken or lost,” Ek?i added.

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