Favorite photos transferred to pieces of wood using Liquitex

Favorite photos transferred to pieces of wood

After multiple attempts to transfer my favorite photos to wood I finally found the best way. I tried inkjet on freezer paper and inkjet on label paper, neither one turned out. The best way to transfer an image is to print out the image on regular paper, glue to surface on wood and then simply wash off with water.

Select and prep piece of wood

Select your piece of wood that you would like to transfer to the image too.

You will need to sand the surface on the side you want the image.

Measure dimensions of wood to input into Photoshop.

Edit favorite photos in photoshop

In this step, you will need to edit your photo in Photoshop.

Enter in the dimensions and scale your image to fit.

You will also need to make sure to mirror your image in Photoshop.

Print and Paste

Put a thick layer of Liquitex Glazing Medium onto wood.

Print your image on regular printing paper and paste onto wood, image facing wood.

Use a straight edge to smooth surface.

Let it dry

Let it dry overnight.

Rinse and wipe off

Rinse under water, slowly wiping off paper with your hand. Only do this under water for a couple of minutes.

Do NOT rub hard

I used a rag to rub off the excess paper.

Let it dry overnight.

Set Image

After letting it dry overnight, make sure it is dry.

Spray Clear Aerosol Lacquer on image evenly. You can spray multiple times, letting it dry between each spray.

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