what we know about Vladimir Putin

What do we know about Putin?

The infamous president 

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, is now 69 years old and the president of Russia. the guy was president of Russia twice from 2000 to 2008, before being re-elected in 2012 and has already served as prime minister. 

After Russian President Boris Yeltsin fired his prime minister and promoted former KBG officer Vladimir Putin in his place which was his first job in the position of power took place in 1999.

He was elected in the first term with almost 50% of the votes and was re-elected in the next term, which was 4 years later in 2004. Due to the legitimate term limit, Putin was banned from running for the presidency in 2008, instead he Appointed Prime Minister by Dmitry Medvedev, allowing him to maintain his principal spot of inspiration for the upcoming years. Putin was elected president in March 2012 and then won a fourth term, keeping him in power until now.

So rough childhood

Putin’s childhood in St. Petersburg was prevalent with hardship, but he managed to become a crafty street fighter and incomplete runner up. His desire was rewarded with admission to the Soviet intelligence services as a KGB official. 

Sensei to the rescue  

Since Vladimir was a scholar thug and a hoodlum, the path of being a criminal was right to be set in his fortune. The German coach Anatoly Rakhlin saved the boy’s life of crime, by taking him to his gym and teaching the art of judo. 

Putin became such valid fighter in the case of martial arts that he would never imagine in his way of crime pledges. The most important and essential changes was all done and made within his martial art learning period.

Anatoly Rakhlin, who once held he was Putin’s “second father,” deceased at the age of 75, reportedly after a extensive disease.

No more thug life and more education

Putin started studying law at the Leningrad State University named after Andrei Zhdanov which is now, Saint Petersburg State University in 1970 and graduated in 1975. His proposition was on “The Most Favored Nation Trading Principle in International Law”.

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St. Petersburg State University is the second most prestigious university in Russia after Moscow State University and is ranked 84th in the world according to the world ranking of universities in 2009. Some of the most important Russian politicians, including Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev, have studied law in this university.

Mr. President’s first love 

Putin married Lyudmila Shkarbenova on July 28, 1983, and they lived in East Germany from 1985 to 1990.

They have two daughters, Maria Putin, born April 28, 1985, in Leningrad, and Yekaterina Putin, born August 31, 1986, in Dresden, Germany. 

The ex-wife  

Later on, June 6, 2013, Putin announced that their marriage was over, and on April 1, 2014, it was confirmed that the divorce was final.

Lyudmila graduated from the Department of Spanish Languages ??and Linguistics of the University of Leningrad in 1986. 

In her youth, Lyudmila was a member of the Kaliningrad flight crew of Aeroflot branches, of course, before teaching German in the language department and after rising to political power, Lyudmila generally avoids attention on the Russian political scene, except as required by protocol and Her public role was limited to supportive statements about her husband.

Her children graduated from a German school in Moscow, and no photos of them have been published by Russian media so far. The Putin family has never released an official family photo.

What do we know about Putin?
What do we know about Putin?

The new twinkie 

The Russian leader has always strictly kept his private life away from the public eye. Whenever he was asked about his private life, he tried to avoid answering. 

Although he has clearly denied the relationship with Ms. Alina Kabaeva. At a time when the Russian president was denying his relationship with Ms. Kabaeva, she was transitioning from a successful sports career to the world of politics.

Alina was born on 12 May 1983 in Tashkent, Uzbek SSR, Soviet Union, the daughter of Lyubov Kabaeva and Marat Kabayev, a professional football player. Her field was rhythmic gymnastics, a sport in which athletes perform movements using ribbons and balls. In her prime, Ms. Kabaeva claimed to be the best in the world. She was doing a move in this sport that was registered in her name and she was a member of a team that dominated this sport. 

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The aftermath of such relation 

Russia is currently under unprecedented sanctions, and now the European Union is targeting Alina Kabaeva, girlfriend and mother of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s children.

Sanctions imposed by the European Union and other countries are designed to punish those who are the closest to Mr. Putin, including politicians and other representatives who are said to have profited enough from being close to the president. 

Despite what was reported about Ms. Kabaeva’s condition, these sanctions did not include her condition until now. She probably sensed something was coming for her, too.

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